Launching Vendify. Build Your Own WooCommerce Marketplace.

Launching Vendify. Build Your Own WooCommerce Marketplace.

I’m proud to announce the launch of Vendify a theme I have wanted to launch for many years. After the success of Marketify a theme I designed back in 2014 (woah! that’s along time ago, Dribbble link.) It was very limited to digital products and one of the most frequent pre-sales question was “Can I sell physical goods?!”. ๐Ÿ˜›

With Vendify you aren’t limited to what you can sell on your marketplace, unlike Marketify Vendify uses WooCommerce which allows for many more product types, you can sell anything from a foodie marketplace to an marketplace just for selling digital cat photos. You name it, it can do it!

My frustration with other products on the market for creating a marketplace is they look awful! They look like they have simply re-skin the WooCommerce backend and then just placed a shortcode on a page that outputs all of those features. It doesn’t feel like a professional site, it feels like a separate design or an afterthought. I wanted to solve this problem.

Introducing The Product Editor

Edit Products as you see them. Your vendors donโ€™t have to guess what their products will look like with our drag and drop product editor.

Showcasing different marketplace types

Another goal of launching Vendify was to ensure we hit home that the product supports different marketplace types, so showcasing different templates was an important part of the build process.

I’m excited to see what our customers build and what features they’ll suggest. It’s neat seeing folks build with our tools and see them build successful businesses based upon our products.

We’ve only started!

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