Introducing Eventify. Build Your Own Events Community.

Introducing Eventify. Build Your Own Events Community.

Build your own events listings community with Eventify.


The vision for Eventify is to allow folks to create an events & listing community with a suite of tools that will enable event ticket sales, allow for multiple listing types that include places, events, bookings. As the theme is in the stages of pre-release we are looking to gather feedback from potential customers. We believe that Eventify will bring all of the years of knowledge we have collected to be something that no one has ever seen. And we think we’ve nailed it. Join us in making waves in the events directory ecosystem.

Key Features

What we are planning.

  • Frontend editing of events, listings, products including bookings, digital and physical goods.
  • Dashboard where both attendees/visiting and listing owners can see all of their profiles activity.
  • Easy payout solutions to pay your listing owners commissions directly into their bank account using Stripe / WooCommerce and the Sandhill Payout Service.

Live Creation of Events & Listings

Create events in real-time with the drag and drop event and listing editor. Built upon the same source code as our WooCommerce product editor which we used for our Vendify theme we will enable new product types for events and listings, enabling you to link bookable (rentals) products, digital and physical good to listings and events.

Organizer and Attendees Dashboard

Your event organizers will have all the tools at their disposal to please their attendees and make their event or listing standout. You’ll be able to see stats for your event/listing such as visits, number of ticket sales. You’ll be able to view quickly at a glance all of your profiles activity such as incoming messages, reviews, comments and sales data.

If your interested in Eventify then please grab our attention over on one of the following channels.

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